Specialty Tour 

Halong Bay is one of the country’s most famous tourist atractions and was listed by UNESCO a World Natural Heritage , an area of outstanding natural beauty. “Dragon descending to the sea” as it is known in Vietnamese, picturesque Halong Bay has more than 1,000 limestone islets rising from the sea, many of them containing […]

Vietnam Attractions 

Vietnam attractions – history, culture, nature or all ? For a very long time, Vietnam was well known for its’ Tower of Hanoi” algorithm in the worlds of mathematics and programming languages. If you are not familiar with this Tower, then you probably associate Vietnam with its war for independence [1945-1975], the celebration for which […]

General Tourist Info 

General introduction about Vietnam People and Language Population of Socialist Republic of Viet nam is more than 78.5 million with urban population consisted of about 19.7%. There are 54 ethic minority groups inhabiting in Vietnam. The Kinh people (or Viet) account for nearly 90% of the population. Major ethic minority groups include the Tay, Thai, […]